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Get plastic water tanks, pvc tanks of your choice for domestic, commercial, industrial or agricultural application..

About Us

Himganga Polymers (India) is over two decades old company that specializes in engineering Plastic Water Tanks in a variety of material and sizes, for residential, commercial and other applications. Customers can get tanks that are ISI marked and approved by MES or CPWD. The manufacturer & supplier can make available Plastic Water Tank, HDPE Water Tank, LLDPE Water Tank, PVC Water Tank and Plastic Water Storage Tank to customers all across the country. Mr. Vinay Garg is the Director of the company, who keeps an eye on the market trends and implement strategies to adapt the necessary changes for the benefit of the business.

Our Capabilities

Our monthly production capacity is 5000 water tanks, this has been possible because of the support of management team, better resources and qualified team members. Our tanks made out of PVC, HDPE, and LLDPE are not only economical, but have longer service life. Out of many water tanks production processes, we often follow rotational molding process, which involves high temperatures and low pressure. In comparison to other injection molding approaches, this process is relatively inexpensive. We are capable of creating any standard size tank in several colors.

Unique Uses of Plastic Water Tank

States, like Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh where drought conditions are a common factor, water tanks can play an important role in storing rainwater for the dry days. This collected water can be used for general cleaning, laundry, washing cars, flushing of toilet, watering plants, filtering & using to fill a small-sized pool. By making use of saved rainwater, we can save precious, fast-depleting clean water in Earth. Benefits of installing water tanks include, but not limited to:
  • Reducing water bill & saving money
  • Freely use water
  • Less reliance on mains water supply
Strategically Located

Our unit is located in Ghaziabad, a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. This city is also called a large and planned industrial city, which is well connected by roads and railways. As it is a part of Delhi NCR region, transportation of goods is easier as many state and national highways pass through the capital city.